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Cuffley Show 2013

Cuffley Show 2013:  Sunday 8th September

2013 FloralThis is a popular annual event, hosted by the Cuffley Horticultural Society and bringing together other local organisations. It was well attended again this year by members, friends and visitors enjoying the “buzz” while viewing and discussing the various displays.

Nine impressive arrangements by the Cuffley Floral Art Club occupied the front of the stage and several of the floral artists were answering questions and explaining the techniques they use.  Appropriately located near to the stage were actors, producers and stage builders of the Cuffley Players showing and discussing information about previous shows and introducing their next show. It will be Sylvia’s Wedding, a comedy by Jimmie Chinn, taking place 27-30 November.

In spite of the rather extreme weather this year, gardeners had managed to fill four large tables with a wide variety of vegetables, fruit and flowers in the Veg 2013horticultural part of the show. In the absence of proper judges, everyone at the show had the opportunity to complete a very simple little form to vote for the “best”. There were 272 votes recorded. The winner of the Best Vegetable (four large onions) was awarded The Harwin Shield and a plate of good-looking Figs won The Stan Fox Memorial Cup. The John Woodbridge Rose Bowl was awarded for a beautiful bowl of Dahlias. A prize was offered for guessing the weight of a very large courgette, which Capel 2013had somehow managed to grow to a considerable size in a member’s garden, hidden away amongst the foliage, and was named “The Escaped Courgette”. There were 51 guesses, ranging from 6 lb to 57 lb and the prize was awarded for being nearest to the actual weight of 10 lb 11 oz.  The display by Capel Manor College gave a good indication of the quality that can be achieved by “professional” gardeners and the accompanying literature explained some of long and short courses that are available to those who aim to improve their gardening skills.

Art2013 (Small)A large part of one wall was decorated with pictures produced by the Cuffley Art Society and some members were on hand to discuss the use of various materials and techniques.  The Cuffley Industrial Heritage Society showed pictures and information about their interesting activities to provide encouragement to those who value the success of major projects in the past and to stimulate enthusiasm for major new projects now under discussion.

Members of St Andrews & St Thomas churches were on hand to discuss pictures and information displayed on their tables. They were also able to offer words of comfort to those who felt able to share problems with them.

The charity supported at the show this year was the RSPB where local representatives were displaying relevant material. They were pleased to note from conversations that quite a lot of people at the show were already members and talked to others who were interested in joining.

A new feature at the 2013 show was a continually running slide show digitally projected on a large screen mounted towards the back of the stage. It attracted many viewers with pictures of people and places as a reminder of previous outings and events. After presenting the trophies, the Vice President of the Horticultural Society thanked all those who had helped to create this year’s show and all those who had come along to support it.