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Privacy Policy

We take great care to ensure that we collect only the minimum amount of personal data from our members to ensure the efficient running of the Society, and that the security of such data is maintained.

Personal data collected by Cuffley Horticultural Society

For the purposes of administering the membership list and collecting subscriptions, the following data is held:

– Name
– Postal address
– Email address (if available)
– Telephone number (if available)

The Membership Secretary is responsible for the maintenance and security of the membership list. Data on any individual is held for as long as their membership of the Society is maintained. Notification of the resignation of a member will result in that member’s data being removed from the list at the earliest opportunity. Failure to renew subscription, after a reasonable number of reminders, will be treated as resignation. We do not collect data from non-members attending our events as visitors.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists operated by Cuffley Horticultural Society are restricted to Society members only. These members have given express permission for their email addresses to be included. We do not permit access to our mailing lists by any third party.

Our mailing lists are administered manually by the Membership Secretary, to whom all requests for subscription changes should be addressed, and a note to this effect is included in every email sent by the Society. We do not offer online automated subscription to, or removal from, our mailing lists.

Contact Form & Membership Application Form

The Contact Form provides the means to contact individual committee members. Information entered into the form is passed to the relevant committee member in the form of an email, and is retained by that committee member for as long as is necessary for the enquiry to be dealt with. Information collected by the form is not retained by the website, entered into any mailing list, or shared with any third party.

The Membership Application Form works in a similar way, and passes contact information to the Membership Secretary in the form of an email. This information is retained by the Membership Secretary for as long as is necessary to process the application. Information collected by the form is not retained by the website, entered into any mailing list, or shared with any third party.

Publication of personal data

No personal contact data is published on the Cuffley Horticultural Society website. Contact details for committee members are published in the Programme Booklet which is issued to members. Some editions of the Newsletter, which is distributed to members only, may include essential contact details, for example to enable places on outings and holidays to be booked.

Financial data

Subscription fees are collected by post, or in person by our team of Road Stewards. We accept payment by cash or cheque only and do not collect any financial data from our members.


We use Google Analytics to track visitor numbers, and gauge the popularity of individual pages. Google uses the visitor’s IP address and a cookie to track this. The information provided to us by Google Analytics is aggregated and anonymised, meaning that individual visitors cannot be identified.

You may wish to block access to Google Analytics cookies in your web browser, and this will not affect your ability to use our website. Google Analytics privacy policy can be found at

Policy updated May 2018